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Needs and Values


Needs - What you must have to be satisfied in life.

Your core needs reflect who you are in your being. When you know what your needs are, they can bring insight and understanding into why you act and react in certain ways.


Values - What’s important to you in the way you live and work.

Your core values reflect your doing. When you know what your values are, you can use them to make decisions about how to live your life.



Needs Discovery

Values Discovery

45 Minute

Zoom call

with Renee Bethel, Professional Life Coach

  • Identify your top 5 NEEDS and VALUES

  • Gain insight into who you are

  • Identify how this discovery process can open dialogue

  • Determine steps you might take in getting your needs met

  • Determine how you might live a values based life

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"The needs and values session was VERY eye opening and insightful. I've always been a free spirit, so when Renee asked me about my top core value of freedom not being met because of COVID restrictions it was like a lightbulb lit up over my head! No wonder I have been feeling so down and anxious! Especially in the last year.” 

Christy Grace

"Renee's Needs & Values Discovery process was so insightful and affirming! My Needs results were spot on, and my Values results helped affirm that I am living a life of purpose that is aligned with my core values. As a trained psychologist, I was impressed by the accuracy of the results I received. Renee is caring, genuine, and supportive and it's a true delight to work with her!"

Melissa C.

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