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Year in Review



We can all agree 2020 was an unexpected year with a lot of changes!

One thing that never changed is that God has been and still is in control.


As a Christian woman, you know you’ve done a lot of things during 2020 but maybe you haven’t stopped long enough to process what you learned and what you accomplished. Maybe you aren’t sure what to do with the experiences that influenced you over the past year and how to move forward during 2021. 


Join me, Renee Bethel, in this Year in Review Workshop to process what you accomplished in 2020, how God worked in your life, and get to know yourself better as a result.


Give yourself one hour to work on YOU! I guarantee it will be time well spent!


When you submit the form above, you will be directed to complete payment through PayPal and will then be emailed a link to view the Workshop. This is a recorded event and will not be live.

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