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Christmas Presents

Crafting Christmas Messages for Generational Blessing

even if you’re not a natural writer

November 2024

Calling all Christian moms and grandmothers!

Are you looking for a meaningful Christmas gift that resonates deep within the hearts of your children and grandchildren?


In this transformative 2-hour virtual workshop, we will journey together to create heartfelt Christmas messages tailored to your loved ones that are filled with words of love, faith, and life in Christ.


Craft Messages That Bring Life When Your Children and Grandchildren:

  • Feel defeated

  • Sense loneliness

  • Crave encouragement

  • Need reassurance of love, security and significance



Thanks! You're on the waitlist! We'll contact you with dates, times and to complete your registration as the workshop gets closer.



Guided Workshop Session

  • Exclusive workbook to be used in this interactive session where you’ll explore reflective questions and receive step-by-step instructions

  • Gain insight into crafting personal messages for each child and grandchild that resonate with their unique personalities and season of life.


Creative Resources

  • Access to a thoughtfully crafted template for creating your own cards, making the creative process enjoyable and stress-free

  • Receive a curated collection of Identity in Christ Bible verses, affirmations for each personality type and more that will remind your children and grandchildren who they are in Christ and what they have access to in Christ

  • Ideas for presenting these Christmas messages to your children and grandchildren



  • Meet other like-minded Christian moms and grandmothers

  • Share your progress, exchange ideas, and connect with others on a similar journey


Lifetime Access

  • Enjoy lifetime access to workshop materials, allowing you to revisit and recreate the experience for years to come

  • A process that can be incorporated into your family traditions

  • Generational blessings bestowed on your children and grandchildren



Impactful Messages

  • Empower your children and grandchildren with life-giving messages of faith, hope and love

  • Instill a strong sense of identity in Christ that will guide them throughout their lives

Builds Lasting Connections

  • Strengthen the bonds between generations as you share your heart and faith with your loved ones

  • Create a tradition that will be cherished and passed down through the years

A Gift That Keeps Giving

  • Your handcrafted messages become a timeless treasure, providing comfort, encouragement and guidance to future generations

  • Foster a legacy of love that transcends the Christmas season and impacts your family's spiritual journey


Attend the LIVE WORKSHOP and gain access to a VIRTUAL QUIET-WORKING-SESSION on December 10, 2023, to dedicate time to crafting your messages.

4:00 - 5:30 pm CT


Reading Mom’s Christmas message makes me feel special that she took time to think about me and what’s going on in my life. I feel loved and I look forward to this special card from her.

Abbey D.

The Crafting Christmas Messages for Generational Blessing Workshop was inspiring, encouraging, full of useful and applicable information, and it made an overwhelming project seem much more doable. I love to write cards and notes and what you provided is so helpful and will keep me focused. Thank you for offering this Workshop and your God-given wisdom so that we can bless our families and friends.

Linda L.

Thank you for sharing such a great tradition with us and breaking it down to make it achievable for us! What a great way to encourage our children and grandchildren! I only wish I had thought of this 40 years ago!

Larke R.

My parents' annual tradition of crafting beautiful cards is a treasured gift that I hold close to my heart. It means a lot that they would take the time for each holiday to write down encouragement, words of wisdom, etc. I save each one and love looking back on what was written in years past. I'm sure I'll read them and cry one day when they're gone.

Kelsye D.



Hi, I’m Renee Bethel and I’m a Professional Christian Life Coach and a Certified Enneagram Coach. Through Gospel Centered Enneagram Coaching, I help growth minded women discover how they are uniquely designed in the image of God and develop deeper connections and healthier relationships with themselves, God and their children and grandchildren.


My journey with Crafting Christmas Messages for Generational Blessing began when my daughters were very small. The messages were always purposeful to call out a character quality that stood out, to tell them how proud of them I was, to point them to Jesus and to remind them I was praying for them. As I’ve gotten older (and they have too) and I now have grandchildren, it’s important that I am crafting a message that brings life, reminding them of who they are because they are children of God. I’m also speaking to the core longing that their heart longs to hear based on their personality type. 


I’m excited to share my intentional process with you so that you can also share life-giving Christmas messages with your children and grandchildren.

Reserve Your Spot and Create Lasting Christmas Blessings!


Although you are strongly encouraged to attend the live Workshop on Zoom, a recording will be available if you cannot attend live.

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