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Waterside Women

Self-Care 101


What’s Your Strategy for Life?

It Starts With YOU!

Next class starts December 2020!

It’s time to invest in YOU so you can LIVE YOUR LIFE the way God intended!


Join me for an AMAZING opportunity to LEARN about yourself and experience personal GROWTH!


It’s a GREAT TIME to make time for working on YOU!

We’ll discuss how to make time to do the things that matter.

We can’t give, invest in, serve or minister to others when we have nothing
to give. We can’t give from a place of empty!
It’s TIME to FILL that empty place.

Benefits of investing in yourself:


  • Big picture vision

  • Clarity of mind

  • Direction

  • Focus

  • Intentionality

  • Kingdom growth

  • Purpose

Purple Flowers

What this 3 Month Group Includes:


Finding Me: A Woman’s Guide to Learning More About Herself journal walk through with the author, Renee Bethel

December 2020 - January - February, 2021 meetings

Finding Me Assessment

1 on 1 call with Finding Me author, Renee Bethel

2 group Zoom calls each month

Saturday mornings or weekday evenings

First Zoom call December, 2020

Being on the call is recommended, but recorded summaries will be available.

Community with other Christian Women

Access to private Facebook group

What’s Next Evaluation

Education, Resources and Action Steps designed to help YOU in the following areas:






I have really enjoyed using the Finding Me journal and going through the Book Club.  The timing of the book was perfect.  Sometimes, we all need a reminder of our foundations...especially these days in a sea of information-overload.  The Finding Me journal and Book Club were a gentle way to refocus on what is important for self-care and in our daily walk with the Lord.  I highly recommend it!  You will be challenged, blessed, and encouraged.   

- Kathy R.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent within the Finding Me book club! I was able to foster new friendships and deepen my understanding of self-care practices, learning how those practices relate to my spiritual, mental and emotional health. I would highly recommend any woman in search of whole-body wellness to join this group and be encouraged and inspired for their journey!

- Lindsey R.

What Others Are Saying


I really enjoyed the Finding Me Bookclub.  Meeting new ladies was great! I learned something new and valuable each time we met. Highly recommend this bookclub experience. Renée is awesome!

- Sue W.

Materials Needed for the Group:


Purchase the Finding Me: A Woman’s Guide to Learning More About Herself journal

Download Zoom

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