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Thanks for Joining!

Thanks for Joining!
Check your email for a link to join the
Facebook group where this Challenge takes place.


Enrich Your Challenge Experience with Beautiful 3x4 Cards


These 31 cards are perfect for keeping the daily Biblical truths and Bible verses close at hand, providing a constant visual reminder throughout your day.

Digital File: Only $5.00
Hard Copy (Includes Media Mail Shipping): $16.00

Benefits of the 3x4 Challenge Cards

  • Portable Inspiration: Carry your cards with you wherever you go. Whether in your purse, wallet, or book, these compact cards provide reminders of your identity in Christ at a moment's notice.

  • Desk Reminder: Keep a card on your desk at work to serve as a daily prompt to line your thinking up with God’s.

  • Daily Devotion Aid: Use the cards during your daily devotions to reinforce the day's Biblical truth, helping you internalize and live out these truths.

  • Gift of Encouragement: Share these cards as a thoughtful gift for friends or family members.

What's Included

Each 3x4 card features:

  • A daily Biblical truth about your identity in Christ.

  • A supporting Bible verse to reflect upon.

  • Beautiful watercolor pansies.


How to Purchase

Choose your preferred format:

  1. Digital File: Instantly download and print the cards at home for just $5.00.

  2. Hard Copy: Receive a professionally printed set of cards, shipped directly to you for $16.00, including media mail shipping.


Start your 31 day challenge today and carry these powerful reminders with you to truly embrace your identity in Christ. Click below to order your set of 3x4 cards and transform how you view God and yourself.

Choose your product
Digital File$5
Hard Copy$16
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