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If You're a Mom or Grandmother, You Can Hire a Life Coach too!

“I’m just a mom.” “I’m just a mom and a grandmother.” Have you ever said that? Using the term, “just” sounds diminishing or “less than.” Do you agree?

This type of thinking may lead you to conclude that you have to be more than you are or have some type of credential in order to participate in a certain thing. 

Life coaching is the thing I’d like to explore for Christian moms and grandmothers who believe they must have a certain something in order to participate in and benefit from this resource.

Life coaching is a sacred space to be listened to, deepen your awareness, feel empowered, and have choices as you move forward. It allows you to process your inner world and learn tools to engage with your thoughts and emotions in a healthy way.

My journey with life coaching led me to a deeper understanding of God and  His perfect design in creating me. I had language to explain why I thought, felt and acted in specific ways. 

As a mom and grandmother, you may want things to be different, but you aren’t sure how to make that happen. Or you may want to grow personally, but you aren’t sure where to start. You may know you aren’t making progress, but you may not realize what’s keeping you stuck and unable to move forward. 

Following is a list of practical topics that can benefit Christian moms and grandmothers when working with a Life Coach:

  • Developing processes or systems for tasks that you regularly perform

  • Creating a decluttering process

  • Making sense of thoughts in your head around what you think about something

  • Exploring what triggers strong emotions that rise up inside of you

  • Exploring your response to certain situations or words

  • Discovering a belief that is limiting you from doing something

  • Making space on your calendar for working on a project

  • Putting steps in place to get something accomplished

  • Developing self-care practices

As an Enneagram Life Coach I help Christian moms and Grandmothers explore their identity in Christ, discover how they are uniquely designed in the image of God and develop deeper connections and healthier relationships with God, themselves and their children and grandchildren. 

Life coaching provides a framework to help you dig deeper and explore more than you would on your own. It helps you get unstuck and move forward filled with expectancy for what’s possible.

The first step in your journey to living the abundant life God promised in John 10:10 is to explore what’s possible for you with Christian Life Coaching. Schedule your free call with me here.

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